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    Things to do after your training ride in Poreč

    If your training ride is done and you are looking for activities, remarkable experiences, and rich cultural heritage, Poreč is the place for you! Poreč is full of sites and experiences to visit. After a tiring day on a bicycle, choose between relaxation along the beautiful seacoast, absolute relaxation with wellness treatments, traditional food, or a walk through the old town rich in history. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong because Poreč offers guaranteed fun for everyone.

    Enjoy sun and sea at the waterfront promenade

    As you probably already know, Poreč and its surroundings are ideal for cycling trips, with a lot of different streets to “roll” into Poreč after finishing your ride. We recommend taking a break at the waterfront promenade in Poreč, a favorite gathering place for locals and tourists. Take a seat and enjoy your life in the sun while drinking coffee or eating ice cream, relax with the scents of the sea; we are convinced you will feel comfortable and recharged for your new cycling adventures. Share your cycling achievements and plans for future training with your friends and colleagues. You certainly won’t be short of cycling topics to discuss!

    Enjoy a massage at the FizioCentar Deković

    After your cycling training, remember to set some time aside for relaxing. Poreč is a perfect place for your complete relaxation and stress relief. At the FizioCentar Deković located in the Valamar Diamant Hotel, regenerate your body, mind, and spirit on the journey to perfect health. With an appointment at FizioCentar, you have ensured an individual approach with state-of-the-art equipment, and the center’s professional staff will take care of you and your body! The ideal formula for a healthy and winning appearance.

    A journey through history

    Located in the heart of the western coast of Istria, Poreč was the first Roman colony in Istria. It retained the ancient layout of the streets in the old town and remains of a Roman temple to date, and it is also known worldwide for its sixth-century Euphrasian Basilica with its greatest treasure, the magnificent mosaics adorning the top of the apse.


    While walking around the city, please take advantage of the Trg Slobode Square, where the premiere edition of Istria300 took place in 2021; we’re sure you’ll feel the adrenaline rush even today!

    We recommend all gourmets visit the nearby taverns and wine cellars and taste typical Istrian delicacies, from truffle specialities to dishes with fresh fish and homemade pasta and sweeten their day with tempting Istrian sweets.

    Into the blue

    Spice up your vacation with boat trips on the Poreč waterfront, where the third edition of Istria300 starts on October 7th, and you will find a handful of trips where having a good time is guaranteed. If you have a whole day at your disposal, we recommend a trip to beautiful Venice or a tour along the Istrian coast and a visit to the Lim channel, where you must taste oysters. For romantic souls, there is a boat trip in the evening and dolphin watching, while for families, we suggest a journey on Poreč’s semi-submarine with a glass bottom.

    Check the news at Keindl Sport in Poreč

    In May, Keindl Sport will have the 2023 Alè Cycling collection of Istria300 apparel in the shop! Stop by the shop to stock up for the upcoming cycling season, stay informed with the latest news and be on trend. If there is a malfunction with your bicycle during your training, go to Keindl Sport, where you can purchase everything you need, from spare parts and equipment to nutrition. And of course, with prior notice, you have access to first-class bicycle service. Location: Mate Vlašića 45a, Poreč

    Create the most beautiful cycling memories in Poreč that you will carry forever.


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