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    The top 5 things to do in Poreč


    Poreč’s restaurants will not fail to impress you with their selection of creative dishes. Try specialties with Adriatic fish, crabs and shellfish, Istrian prosciutto (cured ham), spring delicacies with wild asparagus and autumn gastro-creations with aphrodisiac truffles. Sommeliers recommend white wines such as Istrian Malvaizija (Malmsey), Chardonnay, White and Grey Pinot and red wines such as Teran, Merlot and Cabarnet Sauvignon.


    By entering into the historic core of Poreč, you have stepped onto an over 2000 year old stage. The 400 m long and 200 m wide peninsula was divided by ancient surveyors into insulas, plots of land allocated to housing, public institutions, temples, and intertwined in a regular street network. The major part of this grid plan has been preserved along with the ancient names of its longest parallel and perpendicular Decumanus and Cardo Maximus streets. You can visit: Euphrasius basilica, Romanesque house, Istrian Assembly Hall, the great Temple of Neptune…


    The most valuable cultural property in Poreč, the Euphrasian Basilica, was registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997.  The early-Christian compound is the only complete landmark in the world preserved from that period. Built during the time of Bishop Euphrasius in the 6th century it includes atrium, baptistery, bishop’s palace, mosaics and remains of sacral buildings dating from the 3rd to the 4th centuries.  The mosaics which decorate the inside and facade of the church are considered a valuable bequest of Byzantine art, and thanks to the floor mosaics and preserved writings the periods of its construction and renovation can be read.


    If you are an avid cycler, Poreč is the destination for you.  Those who love nature will surely equally enjoy the bike paths which stretch along the seashore as well as those which go through the rural hinterland, Mediterranean forests, alongside the ruins of castles, prehistoric hill forts, churches and rustic villas.

    The pleasure of cycling can surely be found on the trail that the professional cyclists whizzed through on the second section of the world elite race, the Giro d’Italia.

    Well-marked routes are at the disposal of all cyclists, who can choose easier or more challenging routes based on their ability.

    An exciting history and beautiful panoramas will reward your every effort, and everything starts and ends in – Poreč! An exciting history and beautiful panoramas will reward your every effort, and everything starts and ends in – Poreč!


    Lulled into the Mediterranean climate, our territory is an ideal stay location throughout the year. Winter, spring, summer and autumn take turns as well as numerous entertainment and fun opportunities…

    You will be delighted by long paths by the sea made for walks, friendly chatter, bike rides or recreational jogging. There are established bike routes through untouched nature inviting you to explore them.

    Everything is there, the traditional Istrian cuisine offered by your hosts, new modern interpretations of local dishes for slow food fans, excellent world class wines and olive oils, natural beauties, preserved cultural heritage, numerous reasons for outdoor stay.

    All the above is only one part of what Poreč and its surroundings have to offer.

    If on business, there is a number of superbly equipped congress halls followed by some relaxation in one of our wellness centres. It is easy to be our guest…