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  • Istria300 Poreč

    Martin Koch (AUT)

    Former ski jumper

    Sporting success

    The biggest achievements in his sports career

    Olympic gold medallist, Torino 2006
    3x World Championship gold medallist
    3x Ski Flying World Championship gold medallist
    2x Junior World Championship gold medallist
    5 World Cup victories
    Austrian Sportsman of the year in the team
    Carinthian sportsman of the year

    Current occupation

    Co-commentator and pundit for ski jumping for the Austrian Television
    lectures and workshops

    Statement about Istria300

    “When I was younger, Istria was our number one destination for family vacations. Since 2007, I own an apartment in Zambratija. After I finished my active career as a ski jumper, I started road cycling thanks to my friends Bernhard Eisel, Marco Haller and Thomas Rohregger. I got to know Istria on the bike pretty well now and I think it’s one of the most stunning, actually the best cycling area worldwide. Having the chance to ride 300 km on closed roads with a lot of enthusiastic riders is a must for me. I am really looking forward to Istria300 in October 2020.”