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    Five reasons why you will love road biking in Istria!

    Reason 1: The Adriatic Sea and its coastline

    The Adriatic Sea along the Croatian coastline is famous for its crystal clear and deep blue water. On your road bike, you will pass the Adriatic Sea several times and after the ride, you can enjoy a swim in it or drink a typical Espresso in one of the coastal coffee houses in Poreč.

    Reason 2: Lonely roads

    Are you tired of car traffic on roads? In Istria, you will find hundreds of kilometres of asphalt roads. If you leave the main roads, it might happen that you ride your road bike for kilometres before seeing a car on the road.

    Reason 3: Truffle specialties and vine

    Istria is famous for its truffle and vine specialties. Consider treating yourself with typical “Fuzi” noodles with truffles and a glass of Malvasia vine after a successful bike ride. By the way, In October, during the Istria300, you will also find fresh white truffle on the menus in typical restaurants, called Konoba. And the white truffle is the best!

    Reason 4: Istrian inland

    If you leave the coastal region and go to the Istrian inland, you will discover hilly areas, lonely roads, and small villages with churches and stone houses, which Istria is famous for.

    Reason 5: Outstanding hospitality

    As a passionate road biker, you need to recover well and enjoy delicious food before and after your bike ride. If you are looking for a host, who is specialized in road bikers, let Valamar  be your first choice for your road bike vacation.


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